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About Sunbeam Movers

Step Into The Sunshine With Sunbeam Movers

Founded and operated by a dynamic husband and wife duo, we combined our business management knowledge and decades-long relocation industry experience to start our fastest-growing moving company in Miami! Our extensive involvement in the moving industry allowed us to spot the cracks and realize what didn’t work – and why it didn’t work. We utilized our knowledge to transform faults into strengths and create a fault-free moving experience.

Miami's Coolest
Moving Crew

Our highly skilled and professional movers are committed to providing exceptional moving service, ensuring that your relocation is handled with care, efficiency, and precision. Through our connections in the relocation industry, we could pick the best out of the best, knowing that we were only as good as each mover on our team.

We work with a smile to ensure a smile. Why? Because we’re not just about transporting your stuff; we’re here to transform houses into homes!

Why Ride The Sunbeam Wave?

Get ready to shine with Sunbeam Movers, where moving is a breeze, and good vibes are always included.
Let us light the way to your new home!


With years of moving magic under our belts, we’ve conquered every industry challenge. We have the know-how to make it smooth sailing, local or long-distance.

Personalized Approach

Your move, your way! We’re all about catering to your unique needs. From start to finish, we’ll groove to your groove and ensure your move is tailor-made.

Professional Movers

Our team of pros is the heart and soul of Sunbeam Movers. With their expertise, your belongings are in safe hands. We treat your stuff like a treasure because it is!

One-Stop Shop

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We’ve covered all the moves—packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, and storage solutions. We’re the superheroes of convenience.

Customer Bliss

Your satisfaction is our golden ticket. We’re happy once you’re doing cartwheels in your new space. Your smile is our ultimate reward!