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What You Should Know About Moving To South Florida

What You Should Know About Moving To South Florida
Don’t let your next relocation be confusing and stressful - here’s everything you need to know about moving to South Florida.

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Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach – in 2023, some of the most sought-after destinations to relocate in the United States fall within the captivating region of South Florida.

Moving To South Florida

Affectionately known as SoFlo, this vibrant area is characterized by an array of distinctive locales, attracting a growing number of residents.

While the allure of South Florida is undeniable, moving to a new home remains a significant life event that demands careful consideration. Regardless of the region’s popularity, thorough preparation is essential.

A proper introduction to the area, a balanced exploration of its merits and drawbacks, and the accumulation of pertinent information regarding the financial and social landscape are vital steps to feeling acclimated and adapting swiftly.

Fortunately, this post serves as your guide to moving to South Florida, offering valuable insights to ease your transition into this exciting new chapter.

What You Should Know About Moving To South Florida

Moving to a new place is always challenging, no matter where you come from. Dealing with the move, adjusting to the new environment, and feeling like a stranger may bring additional mental burdens and stress.

There’s a thing that can help, though – familiarizing yourself with the place and gathering as much helpful information as possible. To help you out, we’ve listed a few things you shouldn’t know before moving, which might be useful when making an important decision about this relocation.

Moving To South Florida
An aerial view of a South Florida beach.

Popularity of South Florida

How famous is South Florida? Well, the market is pretty hot! Even though the real estate prices are rising, over 1000 people move to Florida daily. Statistics show that over 45% of all the newcomers head to South Florida, which makes it the most popular area in the state.

How does this affect you? Scheduling a move, figuring out the logistics, and finding a job and a new home takes time when the market is that busy, so starting as early as possible is wise. You’ll have plenty of time to decide on the location, browse homes for sale or rent, and plan every step of the moving process.

The climate is undoubtedly a plus

One of the top reasons to move to South Florida is the climate. People associate Florida with an all-year-long sun, light breeze, and mild winters. That is true, but living in South Florida comes with the risk of potential natural disasters. Hurricanes are more common in the South than in North Florida, which should be considered when browsing properties and getting insurance.

South Florida is different from North Florida

Climate is one of many things that make these two regions different. Compared to North Florida, the south of the state brings a more diverse population, with plenty of Caribbean and Latin American influence. It’s also more entertaining – South Florida is known for its world-class nightlife!

People are friendly

The population structure and the overall lifestyle of its residents ensured people here are amicable. You won’t have trouble settling into a new neighborhood and meeting your neighbors. South Florida is famous for its diversity, so be ready to feel welcome from day one. It’s normal for the locals to notice a new neighbor and offer to help!

Miami wall mural you see after moving to South Florida.
There will always be new faces around, and that’s the beauty of tourist spots.

There are plenty of tourists

We’re talking about a world-class tourist destination here – Miami and similar locations attract millions of tourists each year. While this brings plenty of work opportunities, it also affects the feel of the neighborhoods, traffic, and more. If you’re coming from a small town with few tourists, it may take a while to get used to the crowd and unknown faces all the time. However, don’t forget that many attractions will be closer to you than ever!

Taxes are low

Even though living costs in certain Florida cities are higher than average, living in South Florida comes with better jobs and a “tax-friendly” environment. The state doesn’t levy a state income or estate tax; other taxes are also reasonable. This leaves you more money to spend on your home, hobbies, and travel.

Where To Live In South Florida

Browsing the right location is the most challenging part of this process. Sunbeam Movers can help you do all the hard work, but the final decision about the location is something you need to make on your own. A couple of places stand out in South Florida regarding quality of life and opportunities. Read on to learn more below.

  • MiamiThis city stands out as the predominant choice, and rightfully so. Serving as the epicenter for a myriad of events and hosting exceptional job opportunities, it encompasses some of the most captivating neighborhoods. While the cost of living may be slightly higher, Miami caters to diverse preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone, especially when guided by a seasoned real estate agent.  

  • Fort Lauderdale  Hailed as the King among beach cities, stands as one of the most sought-after destinations in the state. Renowned for its stunning beaches and beachfront properties, the city offers a remarkable dining and social scene alongside an exhilarating nightlife. Its diverse job market and robust economy draw individuals from across the nation, particularly young couples seeking a locale to nurture their careers while enjoying a vibrant lifestyle.

  • Boca RatonResidents of Palm Beach County enjoy some of the best beaches in the area, plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, and lower house prices. It’s an ideal place for families with kids and retirees moving down south.

  • West Palm Beach – This place offers the perfect blend of a small-town atmosphere with proximity to the dynamic energy of a larger city. If you desire a locale where the charm of a small town coexists with the excitement of urban life, West Palm Beach could be your ideal destination. The enduring aesthetic appeal of the area promises to captivate you for years to come, making everyday living feel akin to a perpetual vacation.

  • Hollywood – It’s not the Hollywood you first think of, but it’s undoubtedly worth the place on this list. Moving to Hollywood, Florida, has nothing to do with L.A., but it’s a dreamy place to find happiness. Hollywood, Florida, is all about the outdoors, having fun, and enjoying a great meal in a beachfront restaurant.
An aerial view of a city in South Florida
Moving to South Florida can be the best decision of your life.

How To Move To South Florida Stress-Free

Moving to a different city or state can become complicated without the proper preparation method and a reliable moving team. Our moving professionals recommend taking your time, as moving in a hurry often leads to complications. During the move, focus on three key aspects: strategy, budget, and reliable assistance.

Developing a solid strategy is crucial for handling various tasks involved in the move. From decluttering your home to cleaning, packing, and eliminating unnecessary items, create a detailed task list and check off each item as you progress. A well-thought-out strategy will help you stay organized and complete the process efficiently.

Allocating resources is a vital component of every move. Depending on your budget, approach tasks on your moving checklist accordingly. Determine whether you need to economize on packing supplies by seeking free boxes or if you can invest in professional packing services.

However, prioritize quality over cost when it comes to a moving team. While a higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee superior service, be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true. Conduct thorough research, compare moving teams, and gain insight into average pricing for the size of your move.

Lastly, a helping hand is indispensable. Check if friends or family can assist, organizing a packing event if possible. Express gratitude by offering refreshments and snacks. Trusted individuals can also help with babysitting or pet care as you manage moving tasks.

Ensure the moving team is reliable by conducting thorough research, reviewing company feedback, and performing a background check. This diligence ensures you have experienced professionals safely transporting your belongings to your new South Florida home.

Ready to Become a Floridian?

Acclimating to the Florida lifestyle is a seamless process, even if you are relocating from elsewhere. The decision to move here could potentially mark a pivotal and beneficial milestone in your life—the commencement of an exhilarating new chapter in one of the world’s most renowned locales!

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