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How to Set Up Your Utilities in Miami

A couple holding keys after moving and setting up utilities in Miami
Learn how to set up your utilities in Miami and what to expect from your first bills after moving into the new home.

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How to Set Up Your Utilities in Miami

There’s an upcoming relocation in your schedule, and you want to get things ready to move in. Aside from all the cleaning, packing, and decluttering, there’s one more task you need to add to your moving checklist – setting up the utilities in your new home. There are a couple of things to know about this process, and if you’re moving to Miami, you’ll read everything about it in this post. Learn how to set up your utilities in Miami and what to expect from your first bills after moving into the new home. Welcome to the Magic City!

Setting Up Your Utilities on Time

It’s not uncommon for new residents to leave utilities set up until after they relocate. You should avoid this at any cost if you want a fully functional home right after you arrive. Start the setting-up process a couple of weeks before the moving day, as specific tasks take time and can’t be done in a day. Updating your utilities ensures a smooth transition to your new home, with a house with all the features working well and correct bills at the end of the following month. This is one of the most critical steps of making a new place your home and start enjoying it from day one. You’ll avoid moving into a new home without internet, air conditioning (imagine that with Florida’s hot weather), or other issues such as delays and unexpected costs.

When’s the Best Time to Start Setting Up Utilities?

The average time necessary to make the transition is two weeks. However, this should be a minimum period you allow before your moving day to complete all the application and administration work. If any utilities need installation scheduling, make sure you start making calls about a month in advance. You can’t be too early! Even if you’re calling a bit earlier than necessary, you’ll gather all the essential information about the process, such as requirements, timelines, and other details. That’s why there’s no reason to wait until the last minute and create unnecessary hassle during settling down days.

Coordination for a Smooth Transition

You should pay close attention to the day you disconnect the old utilities and connect the new ones. Schedule the disconnection process a day after moving out of your old home. This way, you’ll have everything you need on your moving day and make it as smooth as possible. On the other hand, try setting up new utilities before you move into the new home so you’ve got everything ready for your arrival. Coordination and proper planning will ensure a smooth transition from the old to your new home.

How to Contact Utility Companies in Miami

If you’re coming to Miami for the first time, you might be puzzled about where to apply to set up certain utilities. At first, you’ll need the essentials – power, water, and natural gas. After you sort out the basics, you can proceed to the internet provider and similar services.

You’ll need to apply at the FPL—Florida Power & Light Company for electricity. On their website, you can quickly pay bills and report an outage, but most importantly, use Start, Stop, and Move Electric Service. You can apply as a new customer or move your account to another Florida address.

A wall with plugs
To set up your utilities in Miami, start with the basics: electricity, water, and gas.

Next, you’ll need water and sewage services. You must contact the North Miami Department and apply for water and sewage services. There are a couple of requirements – you must pay a fee, provide proof of ownership if you bought a property, or a notarized letter of authorization if you’re a tenant. If everything is submitted and there’s an existing meter at the property, these services can be connected within 24 hours.

Finally, you’ll need natural gas for your kitchen. To make your home more energy efficient, apply with Florida City Gas and choose an appropriate plan.

Other Utilities to Set Up Your New Home

When you deal with the basics, proceed to the lower-priority utilities such as internet and cable services. In Miami, there are plenty of providers to choose from, depending on the type of connection and plan that suits your needs. Give yourself time to explore these options and select the services that fit your budget and household requirements. If you’re working from home and have plenty of smart home devices, you’ll need a more robust internet with better coverage and vice versa.

In Miami, you also need to pay annually for solid garbage collection. There’s a garbage and recycling service for all new residents, which you can apply for easily through an online form. You’ll need the exact address of the new place to schedule a sanitation code inspector visit and start your service.

A garbage bin for paper
Make sure your waste is collected.

One more thing to consider is a home security system. There are plenty of reputable home security system providers in Miami, so pick an advisor to help you choose the best household plan. This will add to your new home’s overall security and comfort and ensure you feel good about starting a new life chapter in this fantastic city.

Valuable Tips on Setting Up Utilities in Miami

Starting fresh in a new home is never easy, but the transition can be smooth with proper planning and consideration of these factors.

Check if you should transfer or change utilities in your new home

Depending on where you’re coming from, you can choose between two scenarios – transfer utilities with just a change of address or start fresh with a new provider. This depends on several factors – your address, if your current provider offers services in the area you’re moving to, etc. If you’re moving from another Florida location, it might be easier to continue with the same provider, but that is likely not possible if you’re moving from another country/state. Finally, consider transferring/canceling fees the transition might involve and choose the most budget-friendly option.

Explore ways to save

Certain providers offer budget-friendly plans for their services. A bundle plan is one of them—taking more than one service from a provider might cost less, or you might pay a couple of months upfront. Also, see if there are ways to make more energy-efficient choices or use current promotions and discounts to make this transition less expensive.

Bonus tip: this applies when moving house, too. Certain moving companies offer discounts during off-season months or on less popular days in a week. Consider a couple of options before choosing the one that suits your budget.

A woman using a laptop to pay her utility bills
Choose utility plans carefully and save more.

Know your needs

You need to know your household’s needs to get the best plan and save. Make sure to consider the size of your new home, the number of family members and gadgets they use, appliances and devices in your home, etc. Making a list of such factors will help you pick the utility plan that works best for you and doesn’t cost more than necessary.

Keep track of all the utility details

Even though it seems time-consuming, keeping track of all the utility details will ensure you don’t experience delays and unnecessary costs. Ensure you’ve got the timeline of your utility installation, contacting the providers, and all the fees and bills you must pay. Understand how you’ll receive and pay bills so nothing slips away and creates unnecessary complications.

Ready for Your New Miami Home?

Once you set up your utilities in your new Miami home, it’s time to enjoy this city to the fullest. Your household will be fully functional so that you can unpack and settle and have the best of fun in the city called The Magic City for a good reason!

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