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The best places to live in Miami-Dade County, FL

The best places to live in Miami-Dade County, FL
Looking for a new home? Find out why you should move to Miami-Dade County, FL, and check the best places to live.

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Miami has long been one of the most attractive locations in the country. It’s a worldwide-popular place for people to enjoy the sun and the ocean while engaging in the pleasurable activities life in Miami has to offer. Residents love it for its pristine top-class beaches, exciting lifestyle, rich food scene, and premiere shopping experience. Thousands of people move to Florida yearly, and many reasons exist for the relocation. Miami-Dade County can be a great home; we’ll tell you all about it. Here are the best places to live in this part of Florida – take a look and start house-hunting immediately!

Living in Miami-Dade County, FL – what’s to know?

Living in Miami-Dade County, FL – what’s to know?

Surely, Miami is a great place, but people often see it as a tourist destination. Aside from all the attractions, there’s more to know about moving here and making it your permanent home. Miami Dade County has a population of about 2.6 million, and living in Miami comes with several benefits:

  • Amazing weather all year round – you might be coming from a place where you experience all four seasons, or you’re tired of long and harsh winters. Miami-Dade County has amazing weather all the time, so you can even enjoy beach time during winter.
  • You’ll save money – Florida supports its residents’ finances by taking the state income tax off their backs. While you’ll still have to pay property taxes, you can save significant money each year.
  • The economy is growing – Miami’s economy is one of the strongest in the country, with Miami Downtown being one of the best-known financial centers. This affects all other spheres of life here and provides a quality lifestyle to the residents of Miami-Dade County.
  • Quality lifestyle – Living in southeastern Florida can give you the quality lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Miami is a melting pot, a city of culture, quality food, stunning architecture, a lively art scene, and plenty of places to have fun.

But where’s the best place to start looking for a home? Choosing the right location will depend on personal factors –
your lifestyle, budget, and work location. Count all those in and pick from our selections of the best places to move in Miami-Dade County – and let the moving process start!

Where to move in the Miami area?

Safety, diversity, and quality amenities – all of these factors make a neighborhood desirable. Luckily, there are plenty of them to choose from in Miami, and that’s why this list can be helpful if you decide to make this southern Florida county your new home.


garden view from tower1

Size: 7.54 sqm
Population: 18,400
Median age: 42.5
Average individual income: $58,922
Top schools: Pinecrest Elementary School, Palmetto Middle School, Miami Palmetto High School

One of the areas that get a very high score in terms of quality education options, safety, and family-friendly amenities is Pinecrest. It’s one of the most popular places in Miami and is often a common choice for people with kids. Moving with your family requires a location with low crime rates, quality public and private schools, and easy accessibility. Pinecrest has it all and its growing population confirms that year after year. Pinecrest has little nightlife, ensuring neighborhoods are quiet and safe. Parents love it for the number of parks and recreational areas – Pinecrest Gardens, Evelyn Greer Park, Coral Pine Park, and more. Pinecrest Gardens is particularly popular for outdoor movies, concerts, playing chess, and cooling down at the splash pad.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Miami

Size: 5.607sqm
Population: 24,680
Median age: 41.3
Average individual income: $84,000
Top schools: Ransom Everglades School, Coconut Grove Elementary School, Coconut Grove Montessori School

For those who enjoy peaceful morning walks and being surrounded by greenery, Coconut Grove is the best choice. It’s known for its beautiful, walkable streets, lush green landscape, and easy access to Miami Downtown. Some of the most beautiful places here include The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and Peacock Park. People move here for entertainment, a quality lifestyle, and excellent shopping – check out the Bayside Marketplace and Cocowalk, an open-air shopping mall. “The Grove” is a family-friendly place where residents love having a good meal or going out for a day of sailing with their boats docked in the marina.

Coral Gables

Florida - Coral Gables: Douglas Entrance

Size: 37.2 sqm
Population: 48,375
Median age: 39.7
Average individual income: $67,200
Top schools: George W. Carver Elementary and Middle Schools, Coral Gables High School, David Fairchild Elementary School, Coral Gables Preparatory Academy

Located right outside Miami, Coral Gables is a city that attracts the attention of many young families. It’s known for amazing golf courses, parks, and attractions such as the Venetian Pool, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and Miracle Mile, a notable section of Coral Way is filled with shops, restaurants, and art and financial institutions. Residents of Coral Gables love visiting Chapman Field Park for kayaking and Coral Gables Country Club for golfing. Even though living costs in Coral Gables are a bit higher than the national average, house prices have dropped in the last year. Do some research and hire an experienced realtor to help you find a perfect home, so you can start planning your move with a quality moving team operating in Miami-Dade County.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne

Size: 1.7 sqm
Population: 14,487
Median age: 41.3
Average individual income: $58,827
Top schools: Key Biscayne K-8 Center, Mast Academy, MIkids Miami-Dade South

Indeed, people often associate Key Biscayne with a good night out and an amazing food scene. And sure, you can take your family out to Rusty Pelican, Santorini by Georgios, Milanezza, or Novecento and have some of the best meals ever. However, this place can be a perfect location for your new home. Key Biscayne is surely one of the best places to live in Miami-Dade County, with several reasons for it. Besides being a tropical paradise with sandy beaches, this island community offers exclusive housing options, overall safety, and plenty of places to have fun. Families love it for high-score schools, easy access to other parts of the city, and oceanfront views.



Size: 3.5 sqm
Population: 39,237
Median age: 50.3
Average individual income: $40,314
Top schools: Aventura Charter Elementary, Don Soffer Aventura High School

Aventura is just the right place for you if you’re a young professional looking for a home near the marina. This place is a favorite among young people growing their careers in Miami. They love going shopping at the Aventura Mall but also enjoy Aventura’s great golf courses, upscale condominium properties, and beautiful views. This lovely coastal city is a place to relax after work and enjoy water activities on the Sunny Isles beach or golfing at the Turnberry Isle Country Club. Aventura is also one of the top options for people moving for retirement due to its location and quality of life.

Ready to move to Miami?

Discovering all the great locations in Miami-Dade County can only make you more impatient about moving here. Exploring the Miami area as a resident is completely different than visiting it as a tourist. And now you have the chance to experience that first hand! 

Start your relocation process today, and ensure a seamless transition to an exciting new chapter of life in Miami, FL.

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