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Top 7 Furniture Stores in Miami

Top 7 Furniture Stores in Miami
Explore Miami's top 7 furniture stores for a blend of modern and timeless designs. Redefine your space effortlessly with the finest selections from Miami's premier furniture destinations.

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Discovering the perfect blend of style and comfort is a delightful journey in Miami, and the city boasts an array of top-notch furniture stores to elevate your living spaces. Uncover unique pieces that tell your story at these seven must-visit furniture havens in the vibrant heart of Miami. Make your home truly look and feel like your reflection. Happy furnishing!

Best Furniture Stores in Miami

Top 7 Furniture Stores in Miami

Transform your living space into a sanctuary – a personal haven where relaxation and cherished moments take center stage. Discover premium furniture options to curate your envisioned home, ensuring a haven that reflects your unique style and comfort preferences.
From trendy, modern designs to timeless classics, these establishments curate an exquisite selection to capture your aesthetic preferences.

Best Furniture Stores in Miami

1. Anima Domus

Ensuring complete customer satisfaction has been the hallmark of Anima Domus since its beginning in 1998. Their dedication to enhancing our customers’ journeys remains unwavering to this day.

They are also incredibly dedicated to all their customers, treating them with the utmost respect.

Are you on the hunt for something extraordinary for your new home? Dive into a showcase of remarkable completed projects, stay on top of the latest furniture and design industry trends, and peruse thoughtfully curated collections of exquisite furniture right here at Anima Domus!

2. Miami Direct Furniture

Miami Direct Furniture is renowned as one of the most popular and reliable furniture companies in South Florida, recognized for delivering fine-quality furniture at unbeatable prices.

You’ll find everything you’ve been searching for in this well-known and popular furniture store. Whether you’re into modern furniture or minimalist decor or prefer something retro and traditional – simply let us know, and the staff at Miami Direct Furniture will strive to bring your every wish and vision to life.

Here, everyone can discover something that suits their taste. If you need more clarification on what you’re looking for, don’t worry; you can also find advice and expert opinions to guide you.

Address: 1907 N. Pine Island Rd Plantation, FL 33322

3. Adriana Hoyos

Explore the extensive collection at this well-regarded furniture emporium, where every piece is crafted from top-tier materials. The overall aesthetic seamlessly blends contemporary influences with elements inspired by arts and crafts. To truly appreciate the excellence of their designs, consider an in-person visit to their fantastic website.

Address: 3040 N 29th Ave Suite B, Hollywood, FL 33020

4. Big Box Furniture

Big Box Furniture is your one-stop destination for all your furnishing needs, offering a comprehensive range of furniture and home decor items. They’ve got everything from stylish and functional indoor furniture to cozy pet beds for your furry companions.

Their extensive collection also includes outdoor furniture to transform outdoor spaces into inviting retreats. Explore diverse lighting options to add the perfect ambiance to your home. 

Big Box Furniture provides top-notch services, ensuring your home is adorned with quality pieces that reflect your style. Experience the convenience of finding everything under one roof to elevate your living spaces with a curated selection. Discover the art of furnishing at Big Box Furniture, where style meets comfort seamlessly.

They offer:

  • Home decormirrors, wall decor, rugs, pillows
  • Furnitureliving room, kitchen, bedroom, kids furniture, office
  • Lightingceiling lights, table and floor lights, wall lights

Address – Miami, FL 33142

5. Miami Furniture

You can even experience the convenience of shopping from home anytime, any day! Miami Furniture is dedicated to surpassing your expectations, offering a remarkable selection of flawless and stylish furniture to enhance the ambiance of your new abode.

Miami Furniture can genuinely make your dreams come true! They offer exceptional furnishings for every room in your house.

  • Bedroom – bedroom sets, beds, nightstands, dressers, chests
  • Living room – sectionals, coffee tables, futons, sofa beds
  • Dining – dining tables, chairs, counters, dining sets

Address: 3721 Single Street Quincy, MA 02169

6. Stripe Vintage Modern

Presenting vintage modernist furniture for more than a decade, Stripe Vintage Modern embodies the outward manifestation of its owners’ extensive global travels and diverse backgrounds in visual art, retail merchandising, and fashion.

Stripe Vintage Modern is a purveyor of carefully selected vintage modernist furniture. Drawing inspiration from the owners’ international journeys and extensive backgrounds in visual arts, retail merchandising, and the fashion industry, the store offers a unique and sophisticated perspective on home decor.

Address: 799 NE 125th ST, North Miami, FL 33161

7. Dida Home

Dida Home is a distinguished interior design firm recognized for its excellence in providing comprehensive planning, design, and construction solutions for residential and commercial ventures.

Specializing in the meticulous execution of projects through the ‘design-bid-build‘ approach, Dida Home ensures a seamless experience for clients. The firm’s extensive network of general contractors serves as a single point of contact, simplifying the entire design process. From conceptualization and construction to coordination, supervision, and crafting bespoke furniture and decor, Dida Home tailors its services uniquely to meet each client’s requirements, guiding them from initial concepts to the final realization.

Services Provided:

  • Furniture selection
  • Interior design
  • Complete interior design project

Address: 3200 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Tips for Shopping for the Best Miami Furniture

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate the best deal – Negotiating prices is typical in Miami’s furniture stores, particularly when buying several items or investing in high-value pieces. Feel free to explore potential discounts and inquire about any ongoing promotions to make the most of your shopping experience.

  • Pay attention to the quality of the product – When it comes to making purchases, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the quality of the product. Quality determines the item’s durability and influences its overall performance and aesthetic appeal. Before succumbing to a product’s allure, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and assess the reputation of the brand or manufacturer.

  • Follow the feng shui tips – Do you believe in good energy? Your new abode needs it! Following these easy Feng Shui tips is an easy way to achieve this excellent energy flow.

  • Ensure you have enough space – Sometimes, we are simply overwhelmed by the desire to buy new things, especially when we spot that perfect piece of furniture we’ve been dreaming of for a long time. It’s easy to get carried away and impulsively purchase without considering the space in our home and the precise dimensions. Therefore, a small piece of advice is to always pay careful attention to the dimensions of the furniture, your living space, and the exact spot where you want to place the furniture.

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