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What Would Movers Appreciate on Moving Day?

What Would Movers Appreciate On Moving Day
Find out how to make the most out of the moving services and do things movers would appreciate on moving day.

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People look for the most professional and reliable moving team to ensure their moving day goes as smoothly as possible. However, they often forget the success of a moving day depends on both parties – the moving company you choose and yourself.

Indeed, it is expected from an expert moving team to make sure everything is packed, loaded, and moved as easily and safely as possible. However, there are things you can do to maximize the chances for the smoothest moving procedure and simplify the process. Let’s look at common moving etiquette and things movers would appreciate on a moving day.

A packed home with easy access

A packed home with easy access

On a moving day, one of the aspects highly valued by movers is finding a home that’s all set for the transition. There are a few key factors that contribute to this readiness, and it’s worth your while to give them your attention. Making sure your home meets these criteria can greatly enhance the moving experience for both you and the moving team.

A clutter-free home

Start by decluttering your home and removing all the excess items. Make sure movers have easy access to all the boxes, so they don’t need to worry about obstacles and items they are not taking to your new home. There are a couple of ways to get rid of unwanted, outdated, or damaged items – charity donations, recycling centers, or even garage sales. Ensure you remove all the things you don’t need at your new home, which may confuse or slow down your movers.

Properly packed boxes

Unfinished packing will not only slow down your movers but also extend your moving day and make everything more expensive and tiresome. Give yourself enough time to pack, and finish this task before the moving team arrives. Also, ensure your boxes are properly packed, following the most important movers’ tips. Use boxes of various sizes, but be careful what you put in them. Heavy items should go in smaller boxes, so they are easier and safer to carry, whereas lighter items can go in bigger boxes. Don’t overpack the boxes with heavy pieces, as this increases the risk of damage and injuries.

Fragile items packed and prepared for departure

Movers are very careful with the items they load on the truck and move to your new home. However, they don’t want to be held liable for the damage of super fragile items and electronics. Be sure to deal with valuables independently or do your best to protect them with proper packing supplies and techniques. When it comes to electronics, it’s best to unplug all the devices and organize the cables with ties and clips. This will ensure movers don’t mess up your electronic setup, but you’ll also take everything back much faster.

Items movers won’t pack

There are several items movers usually don’t pack or move. You’re responsible for such pieces, and be sure to get them ready before the moving team arrives.


Labeled boxes are something not only your moving team will appreciate – but your future self, as well. Labels help sort out the boxes in appropriate rooms, which makes unpacking a lot easier. Also, when movers are aware of what’s inside each box, they can be more efficient with safe truck loading and carrying the boxes.

Updated inventory

The inventory list of your household is the way movers will plan the moving day and do estimate your expenses. However, the list you made a month ago can easily change – especially if you’ve done some decluttering in the meantime. That’s fine – just be sure to inform your moving coordinator about any changes so they can update the estimate and be ready regarding tools and supplies.

Supportive working environment

Supportive working environment

It’s hard to do all the heavy work with obstacles and an unfriendly atmosphere. There are a couple of things you can do as a part of a moving etiquette that will make your movers feel comfortable and eager to work.

No obstacles

Even a first-class moving team will do the work slower and with more risks if there are obstacles all around the house. This includes boxes that are not yet packed and sealed, slippery floors or rugs, toys, or similar items that could cause them to trip and fall. Clear the way and make sure everything is ready for loading.

Easy access to all parts of your home

Your movers will highly appreciate easy access to your house or building, as well as every room in your home. Ensure you measure all the windows and doors and disassemble bulky furniture. Also, see if they can easily enter the building and if the elevator is working. If not, inform your moving team about potential problems and high floors.

No kids or pets

Kids running around or a dog barking at movers is surely considered an obstacle while carrying heavy boxes, but also a high safety risk. Make sure your little ones, as well as your pets, are not around when your moving team arrives. Ask a family member or a friend, or hire a babysitter to help you while all the boxes are being carried out.

Appreciation and help

Appreciation and help

Last but not least, we’re here with valuable advice on how to provide top-notch support to your movers during the big move, ensuring their optimal performance.

Be there for any questions and concerns

Many people wonder if you need to be present for movers the whole time. Well, you shouldn’t disturb movers with unnecessary questions and small talk. However, try to be friendly and don’t disappear completely – they might need to check certain things with you or have questions about some boxes. Offer to help but leave movers alone to do their job efficiently.

Tip and appreciation

According to common tipping guidelines for movers, this should be about 20% of the total moving cost, or 20-50$ per person, depending on the distance and complexity of the move. The amount will also depend on the time they spent moving your home and the quality of their service.


As your moving team will spend a couple of hours in your household, it’s good to prepare some beverages and food for the movers. This is a small sign of hospitality and appreciation that goes a long way. Therefore, get some cold drinks ready and some snacks for movers – or some coffee or warm tea if you’re moving during the winter months.

What to do while movers are moving your items?

As you leave your movers to do their thing, there are tasks you can do while you wait for all the items to be loaded onto a moving vehicle. This is a good time to do some final touch-ups and space cleaning. Clean rooms as they are emptied so you don’t stay in your movers’ way. You can also go through each room and check if there’s anything left behind, especially in cabinets and drawers.

Remember to write a review!

Remember to write a review!

Once your movers leave, and you’re satisfied with the service, it’s time to write a review. Even though word-of-mouth is the best way to get recommendations, online reviews are beneficial in searching for the right movers. Keeping the online moving community alive by writing reviews minimizes the risk of encountering a nightmare scenario and fraudulent moving companies. However, make sure you give movers moving feedback, too – say thanks and make sure they know your thoughts about their services.

Final words

Make the most of your moving day and ensure your movers can do the job quickly and efficiently. These are all things you can do that movers would appreciate on moving day, leaving both parties satisfied with the results. However, a smooth moving day can’t go without a reliable moving team  – a professional crew that knows all the tricks for a safe and fast relocation, no matter what. Remember that putting effort into finding a skillful crew always pays off – nothing beats a stress-free moving day!

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