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Helpful Hacks for Packing Clothes

Helpful Hacks for Packing Clothes
Unveil the top 7 clothing hacks and master the art of moving with Sunbeam Movers!

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Are you gearing up for a big move? For those of us who have a passion for fashion, packing our cherished clothing items can be quite an adventure, albeit stress-inducing. Nonetheless, we want every piece of clothing to make it to our new home in perfect condition. Achieving that requires a lot of time, expertise, and knowledge of how to pack specific items.

That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips to help you organize and pack your clothes effectively for your upcoming relocation.

Top 5 tips to follow when packing clothes

Efficiently packing your clothes can make the transition smoother and help you settle into your new space more easily. Here are the top 5 tips to follow when packing clothes for a move:

Top 5 tips to follow when packing clothes.

Start decluttering and removing clothes

We all know that our homes can get full of clutter quite easily. If you’ve ever moved before, chances are you’ve been there, looking at a huge pile of clothes waiting for you to be sorted out and packed. That’s why our advice is to create a decluttering checklist.

Examine your wardrobe closely – clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and all those other little extras. Then, decide which pieces deserve a place in your packing plan and which ones have lost their allure or no longer hold a purpose.

Our tip? Dive into your closet, give every piece a good look, and then write down a detailed list of things you’re ready to remove from your wardrobe. We’re betting there’s that ancient t-shirt, stretching out in the shadows for ages, barely worn, or that blouse you’re hoping to slip into, even though it’s been two sizes too small (trust us, we’ve all been there).

These items might end up in an extra box, adding to your packing tasks, which you’d rather not deal with. And once you move, they’ll add to the clutter – not exactly the welcome committee you aim for in your new space, right?

You’ve got options: throw a closet sale, pass those pieces to friends, or do something awesome, like donating your unwanted items to a cause that’ll make a real difference.

Start decluttering and removing clothes

Sort your clothing into piles

My advice is to sort your clothes according to materials, season, and price. You can create separate piles and pack each into a labeled box. Imagine your closet as a calendar, each section designated for a different time of year. This stops clutter before it starts, as those items that usually hang at the closet’s far end are stored immediately.

Pick the right packing method

Choosing the right packing method is an essential step when packing your clothes.This leads us to packing supplies. Gathering quality moving boxes is imperative. You should get boxes in many different shapes and sizes, including other supplies like packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard separators, and printable labels. Regular cardboard boxes are great for packing folded clothes. You can even get vacuum bags for bulkier items like winter clothes or stuffed jackets.

Use a separate wardrobe box for your dresses

If you are a girly girl like I am, you are probably wondering how to pack dresses, and I completely understand you. The first thing you should do is wash your dresses and ensure they are clean, ironed, and ready for packing.

Use garment bags for delicate or special dresses to protect them from dust and damage. If you don’t have garment bags, large plastic bags can also work. No one likes wrinkles, especially not on dresses, so I advise stuffing each dress’s sleeves with tissue paper to prevent them from wrinkling. After that, it’s time to sort out dresses. Get a box for more formal ones and a separate box for those you can wear daily.

Pay attention to the fabric of the dress. Some dresses you can fold or roll gently. Another useful tip is gently placing tissue paper between each dress to prevent friction and creasing. Then, put folded dresses into a proper moving box and make sure to stack them with extra care and attention while at the same time ensuring that there is enough tissue paper between layers.

Once everything is neatly packed and organized, all that is left to do is label that box. You can write summer dresses on your moving box or formal dresses, whatever you decide to put in that box.

Use a separate wardrobe box for your dresses

Carefully fold non-hanging clothes

Clothes not on hangers must be folded properly during the packing process. You have several great options. One of them is to leave the items in the dresser and tape the drawers. This means more hard work for you or the movers, but at least you won’t have to fold each piece of clothing twice.

Another option is to take out all your clothes, fold them individually, and gently place them in a suitable moving box. The flat fold technique is the best when dealing with bulkier clothing items such as jeans and sweaters. Employ this approach to pack your apparel within sturdy cardboard boxes efficiently, or use the space-saving prowess of vacuum bags.

How to pack hanging clothes?

The answer is easy! Use a quality wardrobe box invented precisely for items already on hangers, such as clothes, jackets, dresses, and similar items. That’s why gathering quality moving supplies and boxes in different shapes and sizes is essential. A wardrobe box will make a huge difference for your hanging clothes because it keeps the shape and appearance of your clothes.

If you’re wondering how to move your closet without the hassle and laborious work, here’s a trick that’s as smooth as a cup of morning coffee. Leave them hanging on a hanger. It sounds so simple, yet it is so effective. Just imagine your wardrobe favorites parading on hangers, ready to impress without a single wrinkle in sight.

Additionally, upon arriving at your new place, you can simply transfer the wardrobe box to your new closet, take the clothes off the hangers, and you’re ready to wear your items without the need for additional unpacking or even ironing. How great is that?

How to pack hanging clothes?

What is the best way to pack clothes for moving?

If you decide to contact professional Sunbeam movers, you can be sure that we will treat your clothes like a treasure because it truly is. Your clothes represent the unique way you express yourself; we completely support and encourage that.

Let Sunbeam movers light the way to your new home, and don’t think twice about your clothes; they will arrive in perfect condition. With the Sunbeam team, packing clothes for moving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our customers are our top priority, and we have amazing moving reviews to prove that! You will enjoy your relocation, just like you enjoy a blissful ray of sunshine if you let us be your beacon of hope!

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