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How to Prepare Your Appliances for a Move

How to Prepare Your Appliances for a Move
Let Sunbeam Movers shine a light on how to prepare your appliances for an upcoming move. Read on to learn some valuable tips!

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When you think about relocating appliances, it doesn’t sound like an exciting job. Still, this is an important task you can not overlook or forget.

Ensuring the careful preparation of your appliances before the move is essential to safeguard them during transportation and ensure a seamless transition to your new home. This comprehensive guide will steer you through innovative and practical strategies to ensure your appliances are primed for a flawless relocation experience.

Disconnect and Clean All Appliances

We know this step might seem tedious unless you’re like me, a meticulous Virgo who enjoys cleaning rituals. But, the surest path to a successful appliance relocation is giving them a thorough cleaning and wipe-down.

Disconnect and Clean All Appliances for move.

Cleaning and disconnecting appliances before a move is vital to ensure they remain in good condition during transportation and to maintain hygiene in your new space. Also, your new home should feel like a true oasis. That means clean appliances and other furniture pieces. Also, it’s imperative to remember to carefully disconnect each device before starting the packing and wrapping process.

Here are some helpful guidelines that I usually follow when cleaning my apartment. 

  • Empty the contents and remove all shelves, drawers, and removable parts.
  • Carefully wipe down the interior with a mixture of mild soap and water. For tougher stains, use a baking soda paste.
  • Remember to clean all the removable parts of the appliance.
  • Wipe down the exterior, including handles and control panels.
  • Leave the refrigerator door slightly open to prevent potential mold growth.

Defrost Refrigerators

Moving and arranging your refrigerator can be another separate article, but I will try to outline some of the most important things necessary for successfully transporting your fridge.

  • Plan ahead – Set a date, and try to eat all the food you have left before starting the defrosting process.
  • Unplug your fridge – Safety always comes first, meaning no electricity is involved during defrosting.
  • Remove all food items – Completely empty the fridge, and empty the frozen compartment as well.
  • Leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open – Put towels and bowls around the refrigerator to collect melting water and ice.
  • Clean and wipe – Once you determine the fridge is dry, it’s time to work your magic and clean everything thoroughly.
Defrost Refrigerators before move.

Adequate moving preparations are essential to ensure a smooth transition for your appliances to their new location. After all these steps, it’s time to return all the compartments, and your refrigerator is ready for packing and transportation.

It’s essential to consult with your chosen moving company regarding all the details of your relocation. This includes verifying whether the movers can transport all your appliances and, if not, finding out which ones can’t be moved and why. This step ensures a well-coordinated move that addresses your appliances’ specific requirements or limitations.

Clean the Floors

Clean the Floors before move.

Again, we are returning to the cleaning process, not just because I’m a classic cleaning-obsessed Virgo! This is a crucial step in moving appliances that many overlook. As a rule of thumb, most appliances are heavy, and if your floors are not adequately prepared, additional problems can arise that you will undoubtedly want to avoid.

Prevent potential floor damage by thoroughly sweeping up crumbs and debris that could become trapped or dragged beneath the appliance’s feet. This proactive step will help safeguard your floors during the process.

Wooden and vinyl floors are easily scratched, so it’s essential to be careful when moving large appliances. Scratches on these surfaces can be deep and hard to repair. This means that you should handle appliances with utmost care.

Always empty them before lifting and use the right moving equipment. Vacuum, sweep, or mop the nearby surroundings beneath the appliance.

Get the Right Tools and Supplies

Get the Right Tools and Supplies for appliances move.

Having the right tools and appliances is a real game changer. That’s why I gathered a list of items you need for your efficient appliances move. These handy tools can be life saviors in appliance situations:

  • Appliance dollies – Employing a dolly is highly advisable to transport sizable and weighty objects. Dollies are tailored for specific roles, and there are two commonly used types: the two-wheeled and the four-wheeled variants. Your choice between them hinges on particular requirements and benefits.
  • Hand trucks – A hand truck embodies an L-shaped configuration with a vertical handle, often accompanied by wheels and a compact foothold platform.
  • Sliding pads – Once an appliance is tilted rearward, slider pads can be affixed to the unit’s feet, facilitating seamless gliding while ensuring the floor remains unscathed.
  • Moving blankets – Nothing will protect your appliances like a quality moving blanket.
  • Protective gear – Safeguard your floors by laying out disassembled cardboard boxes or protective sheets along the route to your appliance’s new destination or the moving truck. Wear gloves, closed-toe shoes, and possibly a back brace to protect yourself while lifting and moving heavy items.
  • Basic tools – Screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches always come in handy, especially when dealing with large and heavy appliances.

Move Appliances With Care

Move Appliances With Care

Moving appliances can be incredibly demanding, so I always advise seeking additional assistance. Whether it’s an accredited moving company or the helping hands of friends, an extra pair of hands is essential for this endeavor.

With combined strength, carefully place the appliance that has been previously cleaned, secured, and wrapped in a moving blanket onto a moving dolly. Then, apply further protective measures before safely transporting it to the truck. Appliance transportation can be simple if you closely follow these rules!

You can always turn to the sunny side of moving!

Following these moving tips and information will help you prepare for the move quickly and enthusiastically. What else can be helpful?

Turning to a professional and reliable moving company! I’m happy to say that Sunbeam Movers is your moving company. They are as transparent as real sunbeams, offering various moving services and making your entire moving experience feel like a pleasant summer breeze.

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