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How to Pack the Garage for Moving

How to pack the garage for moving
Learn the best tips and strategies for efficiently packing your garage when preparing for a move!

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If there’s an upcoming move on your calendar, there’s probably one thing you might dread – packing everything in your garage. Rather than other rooms inside our homes, garages often come with a lot of clutter and bulky, irregularly shaped items that are difficult to protect during transport.

How to pack your garage for the move

Gardening equipment, tools, gym equipment, car supplies, and rarely-used household goods are only some of the items you need to deal with.

Luckily, we know some tricks that will ensure you pack your garage for moving to a new home without any problems. Let’s go through the main stages of garage relocation and some tips to make this project more manageable!

Organize and declutter your garage before you start packing

Accessing the garage space and evaluating the storage situation is the most crucial part of packing your garage. Households accumulate unnecessary items over time, most of which end up in the garage.

So, when the time comes to move, this is the most challenging room in the house. Moving is the perfect moment to declutter your garage space for various reasons – it will be easier to pack, and you can also save on moving expenses.

Here are some tips on getting rid of unnecessary items and sorting out everything before packing:

  • Take everything out – put everything out in your driveway so you can quickly start sorting out the items and removing clutter.

  • Take inventory – when you’re aware of what exactly is in your garage, you’ll be able to manage the space and adequately gather enough packing supplies for the move.

  •  Set aside items you won’t be able to take to the new house – there are a couple of things movers won’t accept in their trucks, including hazardous materials, chemicals, and more. Dispose of those items properly or figure out a way to move them by yourself.

  • Deal with unfinished projects – there are probably DIY projects you started over the years that still wait in the garage. Be honest and remove everything you won’t finish to save some space.

  •  Remove everything that’s broken or damaged – tools or supplies you won’t be able to use due to their poor condition have nothing to do in your garage. Get rid of them before you start packing.

Finally, remove the items that have been sitting there for too long. If you haven’t used an item for years, and it doesn’t carry any sentimental value,
try finding it a better home.

You can organize a garage sale in your driveway or simply take pictures of those items and sell them online. Consider donating some of the pieces or giving them to family and friends. Once you’ve cleared your garage out, it’s time to start packing for the move.

an old stereo on a garage shelf

You probably have some old items you don’t need – get rid of them before packing for the move.

How to pack your garage for the move – tips and tricks for a smooth relocation

Our team of professionals has moved many households over the years, and they have collected some valuable tips on packing a garage for a secure and easy relocation.

Make categories

Sorting out your items by size or purpose will make packing much more manageable. You can have categories such as gardening items, tools, sports gear, craft supplies, etc. Grouping them by size can also help you pack such items and speed up the process. Finally, unpacking will be much easier, so try to be as systematic as possible to save your future time and energy.

Collect the right packing supplies

Depending on the type of items you have, you’ll need specific packing supplies for this project. Try to gather as many original boxes as possible, as these will make the packing safer and faster.

If you can’t find original packaging for your items, find boxes as close to them as possible.  Pick high-quality packing supplies, as garage items often include heavy-duty pieces or fragile tools that need extra protection during transport.

Safety first

We mentioned that hazardous materials, paint, fertilizers, and similar items belong to the list of items movers aren’t allowed to pack and move for you. If you decide to bring such items to your new home, make sure you put safety first when packing and transporting them. Make sure everything is tightly sealed, leak-proof, and safe to handle. On the other hand, if you can’t bring them with you, be sure to dispose of such materials correctly.

Packing tools

You’ll find all sorts of tools in a garage, and most of them need special care when moving. Here are some tips on how to pack tools for moving to the new home:

  •       Deal with all the power tools first – Remove all the attachments, oil, or gas from the power tools, and preferably pack them in their original case or packaging. Pack attachments separately so they don’t break during transport.

  •       Place smaller hand tools in sturdy boxes – Ensure leftover space is filled with packing paper. Filling the space will minimize tumbling and breaking. If you already have a toolbox for such items, ensure it’s closed securely.

  •       When packing tools with sharp edges or blades – Wrap them first! Use old sheets or towels to cover the sharp edges and seal them with tape.

  •      Use tape to assemble all the tools with longer handles – Brooms, rakes, shovels, mops, etc. Many people don’t know how to pack shovels and rakes, so they are all over the moving vehicle. Ensure the handles are taped together and the other side with sharp edges is wrapped in a cover.
tools in a garage

Tools can be heavy, sharp, and difficult to handle – make sure you’ve got a suitable container for those.

Packing outdoor furniture

People often keep their patio furniture in the garage during winter months, and this is how to pack it safely:

  •       Remove any cushions or covers, ensure they are clean and dry, and then pack them in a separate bag or box.

  •       Remove any small parts and disassemble any attachments or smaller pieces you can pack separately. Place it in a plastic bag, seal it, and tape it to the more significant piece it came from.

  •       For the larger pieces you can’t disassemble, you can wrap them to prevent scratches during transport.

Packing your outdoor umbrella

Don’t forget the umbrella that creates shade over your outdoor furniture. Even though it’s a pretty bulky piece, it’s relatively easy to pack for the move. Make sure it’s clean and dry first – keep it open in the sun for a while, then close the umbrella, cover it with a mattress bag or some other plastic bag, and tape it securely. When it comes to the umbrella stand, there’s not much you can do except empty it, if possible, to make it lighter.

Packing a BBQ

Your favorite grilling machine is ready to be part of a new home – just make sure it’s packed and transported safely. Before moving, make sure your BBQ is clean of grease or ash and that any propane has been removed.

Packing a bicycle

No matter the size of it, your bicycle should be appropriately packed for transport. Clean it first, then remove any attachments such as pedals, belts, lights, and other accessories.

Disassemble all the parts you can and lightly deflate the tires to place everything in a moving box. Pack each smaller piece separately, and keep everything together in a giant box.

Label everything

Labeling all the boxes, bags, and other containers is often an underestimated task, yet very valuable in the moving process. When moving a garage, make sure every container is labeled with ‘garage’ and labels such as ‘hazardous,’ ‘fragile,’ and others.

gardening tools organized on a garage wall

An organized garage means a more straightforward move!

Your garage is ready for a new home!

Even though there’s a lot to do, decluttering and packing your garage for the move is a task you’ll be thankful for once you move in. If you pack the garage for moving according to the tips of our Sunbeam moving professionals, you’ll have no trouble unpacking later on and making your new home organized.

Just ensure you start this project early, as clearing out the garage space and packing everything safely can take some time. This way, you’ll avoid packing and moving stress!

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