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What Draws People to Florida

Unveiling the Allure: What Draws People to Florida?
Discover why Florida is becoming the top choice for many residents and unravel the origins of this migration wave.

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Florida continues to attract newcomers with its sunny skies and diverse attractions, making it the most popular US destination for relocations. But where are people moving to Florida from?

Unveiling the Allure: What Draws People to Florida?

Florida is renowned for its extensive coastline, access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and an array of natural and man-made attractions, offering a unique blend of lifestyle, economic opportunities, and recreation. Let’s delve into the origins of new Floridians and the reasons behind this influx.

Where Are People Moving to Florida From?

In 2022, a significant influx of people moved to Florida from various states. The highest numbers came from New York, followed by California, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas. Other notable sources included Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, and Ohio, confirming the broad geographic appeal of the Sunshine State as a relocation destination.

This trend showcases Florida’s allure, drawing people from bustling cities in the Northeast and tech hubs in the West. It represents a significant movement to Florida from the traditional heartlands.

Where Are People Moving to Florida From?

The Main Reasons Behind Florida Migration in 2022

Florida’s rise as the most popular US state for relocation in 2022 is rooted in its unique blend of natural beauty, economic conditions, and lifestyle opportunities. Besides the longest coastline in the continental United States, the Sunshine State also offers the following:

  • Unparalleled water-side views
  • Proximity to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Iconic attractions like Walt Disney World and the Everglades

All of this creates a wide array of different activities for residents.

Affordable Living

The population increase in Florida is, in many parts, due to the state’s appealing chance for affordable living. Aligning closely with the national average of $1,370 (according to Forbes Advisor) in monthly rent costs, Florida becomes an attractive option for those relocating from high-rent states like California, with over 91,000 Californians moving to Florida in 2022.

No Personal Income Tax

A prominent feature of Florida migration in 2022 is the absence of personal income tax in the state, allowing residents to keep more of their earnings, contributing to an enhanced quality of life.

Low Taxation Overall

Florida also boasts lower sales, property, and corporate income taxes. You can check on Tax Foundation that businesses are subject to a corporate income tax rate of 5.5%. The state also imposes a 6% sales tax, which can be supplemented by local sales taxes up to 2%, leading to an average combined rate of 7%.

This tax structure positions Florida as the 4th best state in terms of business tax climate, according to the 2024 State Business Tax Climate Index. This lower taxation rate is a critical factor in Florida’s appeal, making it a financially prudent choice for individuals and businesses.

Population Growth

But one question comes to mind – is Florida overpopulated? The year 2022 saw a notable population growth in Florida, with a 1.9% increase. This increase in population demonstrates the state’s growing attractiveness as a place to live, work, and enjoy a high quality of life. But don’t worry – there is still room left if you consider packing first and getting an abode later.

Air Conditioning Development

The daily temperatures average a low of 57°F in January and peak at about 88°F in August on Florida’s Historic Coast. This region boasts some of the coolest summers in the state. The average temperature here is around 70°F, while the overall average is slightly warmer – 72°F.

That’s why it’s important to mention that the introduction and widespread adoption of air conditioning since the 1950s have greatly enhanced comfort in Florida. This development has made it easier for residents to enjoy the state’s warm climate while staying cool during the more intense summer months.

Group of people taking group photo near the concrete structure

Comparing Costs Across Major Cities

Delaying home purchase and renting can be a wise decision for those moving to Florida. Nationally, the average rent sits at $2,054, but there is a range of pricing across major cities. Miami tops the list with the highest rents, where a one-bedroom apartment costs $1,622 monthly, and a two-bedroom is $2,150. Ft.

Lauderdale follows, with rents for one and two-bedroom apartments at $1,609 and $1,962, respectively. On the more affordable end, Tampa and Orlando offer lower rental rates. In Tampa, a one-bedroom is $1,427, and a two-bedroom is $1,806 per month, while in Orlando, these are $1,404 and $1,703, respectively.

Home Buying Costs

For those planning to purchase a home, Miami leads with an average home price of around $560,000, followed by Ft. Lauderdale, with homes averaging $524,274. Orlando offers the lowest average prices for more budget-friendly options at $368,211, while Tampa’s average is slightly higher at $391,601.

Home Buying Costs in Florida

Florida’s allure as a relocation destination is undeniable, and it continues to draw people from states like New York, California, New Jersey, and more. Its blend of warm weather, affordable living, diverse educational and economic opportunities, and favorable tax conditions makes it a top choice for many. 

As Florida continues to welcome new residents, its cities offer a range of living experiences, from the vibrant life in Miami to the more budget-friendly options in Orlando.

As you consider this significant move, remember that choosing the right moving partner is crucial. Sunbeam Movers offers reliable, efficient, and tailored moving services to ensure your transition to the Sunshine State is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Reach out to Sunbeam Movers today to start planning your Florida adventure!

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