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How to Keep Kids Busy During a Move

How to Keep Kids Busy During a Move
Make your next relocation as safe and efficient as possible - learn how to keep kids busy during the move and make it easier for everyone!

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We all know that moving with kids can be extra tricky. So it’s no wonder why parents often look for tips on how to move with kids hassle-free. Little ones require your constant attention, and while you try to do it all, it’s challenging to multi-task while moving house. Children running around the home can distract you from all the moving chores you have to do.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips for you – let’s explore how you can keep kids busy during the move and ensure your relocation is as smooth and safe as possible!

How To Keep Kids Busy During A Move

Let Them Participate in the Moving Process

Including your kids in the moving process will undoubtedly make it more fun. Furthermore, it will help them build their self-esteem. Letting them help you out will also help them feel valued and respected. There are several moving activities where you can get assistance from your kids, depending on their age:

  • Sorting out belongings – Let them declutter their toys and decide what items to pack for their new bedroom.
  • Labeling – Labeling your boxes is a great way to simplify unpacking, so make this a fun activity for your little ones. If they can write, let them label boxes by room, and if not, use a color-code labeling system to mark the boxes for specific rooms. A fun tip – use finger paints to leave hand prints in different colors!
  • Packing their room – Give them a couple of boxes and let your kids pack their stuff. Explain that they should use separate containers for clothes, books, and toys and let them do their share of work.
Let TKids Participate in the Moving Process

Kids can be part of your little moving team – find some age-appropriate tasks and let them participate.

Make Packing Fun!

While you pack all the boxes, your kids can have fun by decorating the boxes. Aside from labeling, they can use Sharpies and crayons to draw on the boxes. Give them a drawing assignment and let them explore their creativity and imagination while you finish the packing.

If there are some leftover stickers around, let the kids decorate boxes with them. It’s one more activity you can prepare for your little ones, and make sure they have fun until you complete all the packing.

Make Packing Fun With Kids During Move!

Add some color to all that cardboard!

Organize a Movie Day

You might not have time to take them to the cinema, but you can easily make one at home! Let them pick a movie and play it on your laptop or TV. This will keep your little ones busy while you clean or pack the rest of the house. 

There are also amazing compact video projectors that are easy to use and can make a simple wall in your home a cinema screen. Your kids will love it and spend some time watching their favorite movie without going to the cinema.

Have a Farewell Party

If your kids are old enough to have friends from school, the neighborhood, or the playground, it would be great for them to say proper goodbyes. Have a farewell party for their friends, and let them have some fun before they move. This would also be a great way to accept that they are moving and adjust faster. Meeting new friends is never easy, so having some fun may help.

Make a Moving Day Kit Together

Moving day can be incredibly hectic, so preparing for the big day in advance can help alleviate stress. One of the preparation steps should include creating a moving day kit everything children would need for a smooth ride to a new home. You can do this together – let your kids pick their favorite snacks, toys, coloring books, board games, and more. They will surely be busy preparing for the trip and feel included in the moving process.

Moving with kids

Collect First-Night Essentials

You shouldn’t forget the first-night box, whether moving alone or with a family. You’ll pack this box separately, containing everything you might need on your first night in the new house. These kits usually include basic toiletries, sheets, clothes, chargers, etc. This way, you’ll have everything without unpacking multiple boxes once you arrive. Let kids pick their favorite toy, night light, and similar items that will make their first night in the new house more comfortable.

Take a Break Together

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the moving tasks – you’ll need the energy for the moving day and unpacking. Find time to take a break from all the packing and spend quality time with your kids.

It’s best to step away from the house – go for a walk, talk about the old neighborhood, and visit some of your favorite local places one more time before you move. It’s a great way to relax and give your kids a chance to get closure before relocating to a new location.

Make a Moving Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to search for hidden objects. You could print out hidden picture worksheets and keep them busy, but why not organize a real scavenger hunt in your home? Hide things among the moving boxes and let your kids search for them. It’s an excellent way for them to have fun and a perfect opportunity for you to do some cleaning or packing.

Make a Moving Scavenger Hunt

Moving boxes aren’t just for packing clothes – they can also be a great source of fun.

Tips for Moving with Kids

Relocating your home while caring for your little ones can be chaotic. Here’s what you should remember if you’re moving with kids soon:

  • Give yourself enough time – As you need to take care of the kids while preparing for the move, you’ll need more time. So, to avoid last-minute mistakes and complications, plan your move.
  • Stay transparent – Even though kids don’t need to know every little detail about the move, giving them some heads up on time will be very useful. They’ll have time to process the changes and adjust to the new environment. Be clear about the moving timeline and ensure they understand what’s happening.
  • Visit the new home before you move – Sometimes, it’s difficult for kids to accept the changes and the new environment, as it may shock them. Prepare them for the upcoming transition by visiting the new place several times before the moving day. Talk about the new home, explore the neighborhood, and plan all the fun stuff you’ll do after you relocate.

Finally, the most important tip is always to have a reliable helping hand.
Hire a moving team you can trust – a moving company with plenty of experience with family relocations and a full array of moving services you can adapt to your needs. By doing so, you’ll have one less problem on your plate and more time to focus on your little ones and their safe relocation to their new home.

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