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When is the Best Time to Move? –  Weekend vs. Weekday Relocation

When is the Best Time to Move?
When to move? Weekday vs. Weekend Move? Find answers with Sunbeam!

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Many families don’t recognize the importance of choosing the right day for their move. Sure, you try to plan it according to your timeline and schedule, but choosing the right day can help you have a more efficient and even cheaper relocation.

Should You Move on Saturday and Sunday?

Certain days of the week bring less traffic, lower prices, and other factors that can help you move smoothly. And with the US being one of the world’s most ‘geographically mobile’ countries, this is an essential factor to consider before you pick the date. Let’s find out when the best time to move house is. Is it the weekend or during the week?

What is the Best Month to Move?

Let’s narrow your timeline plans a little bit. If you’re not in a hurry, you can take advantage of the flexibility and choose the best month to move. This decision will heavily depend on your location, the weather there, and personal factors such as job, school, etc. However, there’s a general rule that you can start with – movers are not that busy from September through April.

You’ll find it much easier to book a moving team if you choose to move during the winter months, as most people tend to move during spring and summer. Also, moving in the middle of the month can give you better rates and a hassle-free moving organization. The reason is that people usually move towards the end of the month to begin life in their new home at the beginning of the following month.

What is the Best Month to Move?

Moving During the Weekdays - Pros and Cons

The main issues with moving house include stress, busy roads, and high prices. We avoid these things by carefully planning our upcoming move. Making a plan also includes scheduling your moving day – picking the date when your moving team will come and pick up the items and take them to a new address. Unless you need to move fast and find short-notice movers, here’s why you should plan on time and pick moving during the week:

  • Better availability – people work during the week and often choose weekends to move their homes. If you can choose a weekday, particularly Monday-Wednesday, you can book movers more easily.
  • Cheaper moving fees – empty slots in their schedule allow movers to offer better deals during the week than on weekends. You can save a bit on your moving fees by choosing a less popular day in the week.
  • Move while kids are out – during the week, kids will probably be at school or kindergarten. This will give you more time to deal with the movers and help you focus better on the moving day tasks. Moving day can be stressful for kids, so maybe movers should come over when they are not home.

Moving during the week also comes with several cons you should consider before deciding. Here are some of them:

  • It might be challenging to get a day off – if you work, you might not be able to get two or more days off for your move. If you’re moving during the weekend, you can only take one day from the week and have three consecutive days to deal with the move.
  • It will probably be a busier move – as you’ll probably have to deal with the move and work simultaneously, it can get busier and more stressful. However, hiring a reliable moving team you can rely on should help in a situation like this.
  • All the traffic – moving during the week can bring an additional worry, and that’s the rush hour traffic. However, if the movers arrive around 8 AM, they’ll be able to pack everything until heavy morning traffic is over and drive away until the end of the working hours in the afternoon. Still, the risk is there.

Moving During the Weekend – Should You Move on Saturday and Sunday?

Indeed, moving on Saturday and Sunday is more common for people who work during the week. But is it the best time to move? Before scheduling the big day, let’s consider all the pros and cons.

Should You Move on Saturday and Sunday?

Weekend Moves – The Advantages

Aside from being the most popular option, moving on the weekend has pros and cons. Let’s discuss the advantages first. Weekend moves are more popular due to an apparent reason – you don’t have to take a day off from work

You can save those days for a vacation or simply to relax after this relocation and sort out your new home. You can pack bit by bit in the weeks before, so once you get off work on Friday, you can finish packing and wait for the movers on Saturday morning.

Next, there’s less traffic. You don’t need to worry about the rush hour traffic, and transporting your belongings will probably go as smoothly as possible. You won’t have to rush in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic but be more relaxed during your moving day.

Weekend moves are more convenient – there’s no work or school, so families tend to be more flexible and find weekends better for their relocations. However, there are some cons to consider, too.

Weekend Moves – The Disadvantages

Despite being a popular option, the weekend move also comes with a couple of disadvantages. Firstly, it’s the lack of flexibility in scheduling your move. Movers are more in demand on weekends, which limits your options a bit. Furthermore, the weekend rates tend to be higher

Movers will move your items on Saturday or Sunday for a higher price, which can affect your decision if you’re on a budget.

Finally, don’t forget that once the busy moving weekend ends, you’ll probably have to return to work on Monday. This gives you little or no time to take a break and prepare for the upcoming week. 

However, if you’ve carefully planned your move and everything goes according to plan, you won’t be as tired and stressed.

Weekend Moves – The Disadvantages

So, What’s the Best Day to Move?

This decision will depend on personal factors – your moving location, whether you work flexible hours at home or 9 to 5 in the office, kids and their school, and more. However, moving towards the end of the week seems to be the most reasonable to avoid the majority of the disadvantages mentioned earlier

Thursday or Friday, followed by the weekend, is the best option in our opinion. To experience all the advantages of the upcoming move, be sure to have someone to help you – a reliable moving team ready to transport your items carefully any day of the week.

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