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Ways to Make Moving and Packing Fun For Kids

Make Moving and Packing Fun For Kids
Learn with Sunebam Movers how to create a fun, moving experience for kids!

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Only parents know how dreadful a relocation can be when you’ve got a few little ‘helpers’ running around. Moving with kids is particularly stressful for parents as they need to deal with their little ones while at the same time paying attention to their safety during the move and organizing the whole ‘operation.’

If there’s an upcoming relocation in your calendar, you’re at the right place – let’s see the best ways to make moving and packing fun for kids and less stressful for you.

Make Moving and Packing Fun For Kids

First Things First

Make sure your family is ready for this move – mentally and emotionally. Kids may seem unbothered by what’s happening, but they experience changes even more strongly than adults. Leaving their school, friends, and neighbors may make them sad and anxious about a new beginning.

Sooner or later, they might react to the new environment, prolonging the adaptation process. On-time preparation is the key to a smooth transition, and here are some tips to do it right:

  •       Introduce the idea of moving on time– don’t wait too long to tell your kids they are moving, no matter their age. Be honest about what will happen and give them time to process that information. Be sure to have more than one talk on the subject if necessary. Moving is your reality now, and there’s no point in sweeping it under the rug.

  •       Present the advantages of this relocation – talk about the positive sides of moving and present some great things about their new home, school, and town.

  •       Make plans together – let the kids be involved in the after-the-move plans. Talk about what you’ll see or do after the move to make the future months worth the effort and wait.

  •       Let the kids meet the movers – seeing strangers taking away their items can be tricky for the little ones. Let them meet the movers first – our Sunbeam professionals always keep a happy face with the clients so your little ones feel safe and friendly when they are around.

The Moving Process

Sure, there’s a lot to do about the move. Figuring out the logistics, finances, packing – and moving tasks can be stressful. And for parents, there’s more on their plate – dealing with their little ones and keeping them entertained and safe throughout the process. Let’s see how you can avoid these problems and make your upcoming move a breeze.

Visit Your New Home

Kids often can’t imagine moving until they see the new place. If possible, visit the new neighborhood before the move and check it out together. If the new house is empty, let the kids go inside and imagine their new life there.

However, if you’re moving far away and that’s not an option, use the power of the internet and check out the online maps of the place – preferably the 360 view. These steps will help the kids process the idea of moving, and it’s undoubtedly a fun exploration, especially for the younger children.

Draw Their New Room

One of the ways kids can prepare for the big transition is to visualize their own space in the new house. Let them draw the new room and plan where all the furniture will go. This is an excellent chance to check if you’ll bring all the pieces or get new ones – shopping for new items is also a lot of fun if you let the kids participate. Let them be little designers of their own space and value their ideas regarding color, theme, etc.

Declutter Together

Packing your kid’s stuff should be one of the last tasks so they have their toys available until the moving day. However, you can declutter and deal with unwanted toys, books, old clothes, and broken items before packing. 

Try to involve the kids as much as possible – let them decide if there are items they don’t play with anymore. Be patient and give them plenty of time, as this task can take a while.

Bonus tip: decluttering is a great chance to teach your kids about charity and empathy. Let them pick toys, clothes, and books they can give away to the kids in need, and learn the value of giving at an early age. 

You can do that with the rest of your home and give away items no longer needed in your household – do something good for the community and make more space in your home.

Be Creative

Younger kids will find all the packing supplies exciting and will try to have fun with them. There are a couple of ways to let them play and even be creative. Ask them to use their colors and draw something on the boxes; if they know how to write, they can help you label the boxes for the move. Also, if you have some leftover boxes, you can help your kids make a toy house or castle. Leftover cardboard can be used for all sorts of crafty projects, and it’s undoubtedly a way to make moving and packing fun for kids.

Have a Fun Farewell Party

Kids will find it meaningful to say goodbye to the old house, as well as old neighbors and friends. Don’t make this too emotional; instead, turn it into a fun occasion. You can organize a farewell party, invite those people for snacks and drinks, and let your little ones say a fun goodbye to their old home.

Play Your Cards Right With the Adjustment

The period after the moving day is equally important as the preparation time we mentioned before. It’s essential to help your kids adjust to the new environment and familiarize themselves with the new home, neighbors, school, etc. Here are some tips to help you out:

  •       Unpack their rooms first – if you’ve done your homework with packing and labeling, you can quickly locate your kids’ boxes and unpack them first. Prioritizing their room will speed up the adjustment process, and they’ll have something to do while you deal with the rest of the house.

  •       Don’t forget the old traditions – kids heavily depend on routines, giving them stability and peace. Don’t forget the old routines and traditions, such as bedtime stories, family meals, etc., and try to keep them after the move.

  •       Pack the first night essentials – you won’t have time or energy to unpack everything on your first night in the new home. However, that shouldn’t stop you from keeping the nighttime routine with the little ones. Pack a box of essentials – all the things you’ll need to put them to bed, such as their pajamas, their favorite books or toys, fresh bedding sets, etc. Let the first night be cozy even though most items are still in the boxes.

Enjoy Your New Chapter Together

Moving and packing can be fun – both for kids and parents. It’s about the shift of focus, prioritizing, and a solid organizational plan. Be there for your little ones and make this move an adventure to remember – for everything else, contact our team for relocation support. You’ll have someone to rely on during this move and have more time and energy to focus on your kids.

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