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Which is more challenging: packing for a move or unpacking afterward?

Man packing items in carboard boxes
Unlock the secrets to effortless post-move unpacking. Prioritize efficiency, consider assistance, and breeze through the process with Sunbeam Movers.

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Embarking on a new journey is filled with excitement, but the daunting task of packing and unpacking can quickly dampen the thrill. Fear not! Our guide is here to help you navigate this crucial step, offering tailored tips and expert strategies for a seamless transition.

Packing vs. Unpacking

Whether you need help deciding which room to tackle first or knowing when to seek professional assistance, we’ve curated a comprehensive unpacking roadmap just for you! Our expert packing and unpacking guide will help you turn your new house into a cozy, organized sanctuary. So, say goodbye to moving stress and hello to Florida’s warm and breezy weather!

Packing For an Upcoming Move

Let’s start with packing for the move itself. We understand this might seem scary to many people initially, and we don’t blame you. However, the good news is that packing can be made easier with the right tools and tips.

For many, initiating this process can feel overwhelming. Yet, the longer you postpone, the more difficult it becomes. Therefore, confront it directly. If you find pre-move packing challenging, take a deep breath, count to 10, and begin by exploring reputable moving companies that can significantly facilitate the entire process for you.

If you choose to handle the move on your own, no worries! We’re here to help, so we’ve put together the following useful and straightforward tips.

Son and father packing items in cardboard boxes.

General moving and packing tips

  • Plan early
  • Make an inventory list 
  • Star decluttering
  • Go room by room
  • Sort all your items
  • Separate box with essentials
  • Find the right moving boxes
  • Get the right packing supplies 

If you follow these simple tips, we assure you that even the packing process will be easier and faster than you might think.

Before you move in

We recommend prioritizing tasks to be completed within the first week at your new home, such as addressing safety concerns, ensuring thorough cleaning, and unpacking essentials. Ensuring you have all the necessary products for new homeowners is crucial.

Priority number two? That’s our two-month plan. We’re talking about getting our organizational groove on, keeping things in tip-top shape with some maintenance, and finally restoring the last few unpacking mysteries. It’s like a marathon but with fewer sweaty headbands!

Before officially moving into your new place, consider any updates you want to make, but aim for simplicity. You may be thinking of adding a fresh coat of paint to a wall or putting up some shelves. These smaller projects will be much more manageable if there isn’t clutter blocking your way.

Unpacking After the Move

Before diving in and haphazardly opening boxes, take a moment to understand what you’re unpacking. Ensure you have access to an inventory list, whether it’s the one provided by the moving company or your record of belongings. 

Ideally, items were packed with some organization by usage or room, so review box labels or peek inside before beginning to unload.

Once the house is spick and span, it’s time to dive into unpacking. There is no need to stress about finishing everything in one day. Take your time and plan the entire unpacking process step by step. Our advice is to focus on the essentials first. First, unpack the box with all your essentials, such as chargers, pillows, medications, etc.

Afterward, you can start with the kitchen basics: glasses, plates, silverware, and a pot or pan for meal breaks. You’ll need sustenance to power through the tasks ahead.

Next, make your beds and dress them with fresh linens. Nothing is as important as a good night’s sleep, especially after a long and tiring day of moving.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about slipping into a freshly made bed and wearing your favorite comfy clothes after a long day of labor. Concentrate on setting up your bed, kids’, and pet sleeping areas. Unpack toiletries, ensuring you’re all set for bedtime rituals. You have to keep up with that night routine!

Couple unpucking items after move.

Are you a procrastinator?

This is an important question when deciding whether packing before or after the move is worse. Procrastinators usually consider it more challenging to unpack after the relocation is over. There are so many boxes! The horror! We understand – we have been there! 

The real question now is how to make a typical procrastinator start unpacking. The answer is easy. We have many articles that can help you unpack faster and more efficiently; one is right here.

Packing or Unpacking - It Is Up to You!

Nothing has to be difficult if you don’t perceive it that way (of course, we’re still talking about packing and unpacking, although it can be applied to other aspects of life). Having a positive mindset and approach to packing can change many things

After all, what you find more challenging depends on your personal preferences and feelings. However, I hope you’ll find comfort in knowing we are here for you, have your back, and can assist you with moving-related things.

Imagine our packing and unpacking process as a fresh cup of coffeea dash of luck, patience, and caffeine-induced motivation. So take a deep breath and tackle things one step at a time. After all, Rome wasn’t unpacked in a day, right?

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